Surround yourself with Crystal Digital Art today. Crystal Spirit Photographs are an optical gateway to spirit crystal energy and consciousness.  Their wisdom and gentle support has the power to heal and bless your life.

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Why CrystalSpirit Digital Photography

A Crystal Spirit is a messenger of the universe's mysteries. It can provide assistance to us in all aspects of our journey on earth. All we have to do is ask, let go of expectations and allow.

CrystalSpirit photographs allow you to visualize the spirit and energy associated with crystals. Moreover, you will also tap into the crystals' vibration and angelic consciousness (the spirit or entity for all crystals of a particular variety) and benefit from their empowering and healing offerings.

The color within the photographs is significant as well, the color itself emanates a certain light frequency that is healing especially when we connect them through intention to the chakra energetic system. It is an ancient healing modality to associate color with mood, intention, and healing.

Crystal Spirit Photographs are an optical gateway to spirit crystal energy and consciousness. Their wisdom and gentle support have the power to heal and bless your life.

“In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal it is none the less a living being.” 

Nikola Tesla

About CrystalSpirit.Love

Mariestella Colón Astacio,

store owner

My Story

Hi, my name is Mariestella, I am a Visual Artist, a Reiki Master, and a Certified Crystal Healer. I have had a passion for Crystals all of my life. Since a little girl I loved rocks, as a young adult, I collected them, everywhere I went I would pick up a rock as a way to remember where I've been. Always fascinated by their intricate physical beauty...

How it all started...

Around 2007 I began to do yoga to relieve migraine headaches and backaches, although skeptical I could do it, I started inspired by a good friend who also suffered from back pain and found relief with yoga. Around the same time, I began meditating, initially, I started to help relieve insomnia and anxiety. Meditation was a time for introspection and the only way to calm my nerves, a very difficult process at first, it took me 6 months just to be able to sit calmly. Eventually, my meditation time grew to two hours a day, a practice that to this day I cherish. Now, two hours every day is not something I can do most of the time but when I have the chance, it is like coming back home, a replenisher of all that is good in me and all that I need to get back to myself.The physical ailments in this period of my life led me through a journey in a quest for healing. They prompted me into becoming a seeker. I was looking for healing in the biggest sense of the word, I felt broken and I needed to heal my whole self, the physical, emotional as well as the spiritual. After some time these aspects seemed indistinguishable, When my body ached, my emotions and spirit ached. I began to question everything and that questioning led me to a spiritual turning point, a fork in the road that I had no choice but to take, and without knowing it, this open-ended searching became the path to my right life.

Although crystals were part of my life in that I enjoyed how they looked and, I had jewelry, after a while, I started to notice them energetically. It took many years for me to acknowledge outwardly that I not only had a fondness of crystals but could feel them as well. Me sensing crystals was a very private affair I did not speak of it, even to myself. At the time the idea of feeling crystals felt completely bizarre and was completely outside all that I thought was possible or real. But after a while, and with trepidation, the sensing crystals part of my life was undeniable, it was my new reality. I can feel a crystal's vibration, a slight hum, an intensity that changes from stone to stone. After years of having this new found ability and years of isolation, thanks to the internet, I found that I am not alone! Many people have this sensitivity, hundreds of thousands. This fact is quite an eye-opener and a relief that I was not the only crystal sensitive. With this newfound community, not so coincidentally, a flourish of crystal interest in popular culture and twice as many crystal shops in any given town. Crystals are becoming part of everyday life for many and like myself, they are a gateway of life's biggest quests.

With this new energy sensing ability through crystals, it was only natural to gravitate towards energy healing modalities like sound healing via singing bowls, tuning forks etc., in 2014 I became a Reiki practitioner and in 2017 I finished the master level. A wonderful practice of connecting energetically with the One and all that is. With this practice, I began infusing with Reiki all that I could think of (including the works offered on this website). It is my newfound mission to create and share crystal images and share their inherited wisdom with all who want to learn and unfold into their spiritual awareness. It is also my hope, since you are here, that you will be able to sense and know what they can do for you too.

In Life, There Are No Coincidences

If you are viewing my page I believe it is because you have a special connection to crystals. Perhaps you not only like their beauty but also enjoy the feeling of a cold smooth, soothing stone rubbing in your hand. Or maybe you find yourself in a similar place as I did years ago, searching for answers to the most profound questions, in ways you haven't considered before. Possibly you already love crystals, are an energy healer, a Reiki master or are yourself a crystal healer and know through your own intuitive experience that crystals embody in them a spiritual wealth of information just waiting to be tapped into. However you came here, crystal digital art is a way to enjoy and have their grace in your daily life, projecting their wisdom, vibrational healing, and inspiration into your sacred spaces.

About Crystal Healing

Each stone carries with it a message, a healing property. Many ancient cultures have discovered these properties and value their healing powers. In ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece, Mesoamerica, Indigenous Australians, Native Americans, crystals were used for many purposes ranging from spiritual, to medicinal. Each culture describes the healing powers of each stone pairing ailment or situation to the healing property of a stone or a combination of stones.

What is fascinating to note is that even though these ancient people vastly differ in culture and in geography, these different cultures consistently come up with similar if not the same conclusion in the pairing of ailment or situation to stones.

A Brief Explanation of How and Why Crystals Work

We know now through modern science, specifically in physics, how everything that is in our physical and non-physical world is made of energy particles that are in a constant state of vibration. According to modern interpretations of the ancient crystal healing practices, a crystal's healing properties and other practical uses are determined by 1. Its color (light frequencies or photons), 2. it's size, 3. it's unique crystalline physical structure or crystal atomic structure, and finally, it's dominating oscillating rate (or vibration) which is determined by the latter 3 factors. Our body's vibrational rate seeks entropy (a gradual decline into disorder) in fact most things in the universe do, but a crystal's unique feature is that they are geometrically perfect and resists entropy naturally. Our human vibrational composition or auric field is the sum of all of our organs and cells together, all of which have their own vibrational rates, moreover, the oscillating rate is not fixed and changes over time. Another property that crystals have is that they consistently influence our vibration, and it's emanating vibrational amplitude and stability is stronger generally so when we are around crystals our weaker vibration pull will seek harmony and therefore want to entrain with the crystals' dominant vibration. Once we entrain or harmonize with a crystals' vibration, we enter into a healing state that works with us exactly where we are, cooperating with our emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies which then results in physical healing.

How to use Crystal Images for Healing:

You can use these images as you would use a regular stone or crystal, by using the power of your intention and then calling upon the spirit of the particular Crystal for their loving assistance in what you wish to feel or accomplish, then visualize the spirit and energy associated with these beautiful crystals then surrender and allow to receive their loving support and messages. 

A Step by Step Guide:

With the power of your intention

1) ASK FOR HELP: Call upon the spirit of the particular Crystal for their loving assistance in that you wish to accomplish

2) VISUALIZE: See and feel the spirit and energy associated with these beautiful crystals

3) ALLOW: relax and allow the images, messages, feelings to flow into your consciousness.

Our most trusted ally and our most powerful tool available to us at any time is our consciousness. Your connection to Spirit will guide how to utilize these images, a conscious path to communication with your guiding system will allow you to bring forward messages that will assist you in the areas you are inquiring about. 

Subtle healing

Like the undulating ripple of a strong water wave, the ripple effect overcomes all that is in its surroundings. In a similar way, a crystal's oscillating rate subtly soothes and arouses a new direction to all that is around its vibrational wave. The key word here is subtle. These loving crystal energies and spirits are gentle in their approach to our assistance. They are beautiful companions that exalt us with their physical beauty and subtle energies and if we are open to it, our hearts may widen, our visions may get sharper, and our spirit may then come home to the ultimate quest of life: unconditional love.

Crystal Digital Art

Here at CrystalSpirit.Love I've assembled a series of my own unique digital artwork featuring photographs from my personal collection of crystals and stones. These images are processed to create a kind of kaleidoscopic image, where to my astonishment, I discovered a hidden surprise within them.

Each crystal photograph carries within it a particular pattern that is not revealed until it is duplicated in its mirror image. No matter how disordered or random it may appear at first glance, the image is always deceiving. I can't imagine or predict what I will discover within the crystal photograph until the pieces are put together, like a puzzle that only reveals itself once it is whole.

In my process, what appears as mystical images brought about in symmetrical shapes are in fact crystal spirits, ancient deities, mythological creatures, and gods and goddesses lurking deep within each stone.

How can random stones or crystals create a seemingly ancient divine character? The ideas in these images explore ancient philosophies and new thoughts affirming that everything that exists in nature ultimately follows a particular order intimately connected by sacred geometry.

Look deeply and these crystals spirits will appear to you too.